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I need some advice from the Harringay hive mind...

I run a not-for-profit social enterprise called Pixel Learning and have launched ThinkWell - a workshop that combines film and learning to ensure all young people know how and when to get help with their mental health.

We have delivered ThinkWell to over 600 young people so far including at Woodside High where the Head of Department felt that we would have received an outstanding from Ofsted and commented that it was, 'a perfect balance of talk, activities and audio visual. Excellent!'

I have been in touch with Harringay Council about funding ThinkWell for a borough-wide roll out. Sadly, this was to no avail as they don't have provision in their budget.

I passionately believe that mental health education should be provided to all children and young people before they reach a point of crisis. ThinkWell seems to be working with young people 30% more likely to know where to go for support on mental health, and 27% more likely to ask for that help. 

I want to get it out there to as many young people as possible.  Any bright ideas on how we could do this for Harringay? Is anyone a teacher, school governor or in the PTA? Are you a local business who fancies funding ThinkWell for a school? If people are keen, then I can run an open evening about our work. 

As a bit about me- I've worked in education for last 7 years as a tutor, mentor, workshop leader and shift leader for The Mix (young person's helpline). I've supported thousands of young people on the helpline who wait until they're in crisis before reaching out for help, often because they're scared of being judged. I've listened to heartbreaking stories that would have been very different if the young people felt empowered to reach out for help earlier.

Thank you for all help and suggestions.

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It sounds like you need to contact the individual schools - perhaps starting with the Headteacher who can guide you on who to speak with.  Each school will have its own budget to manage.  Good luck.

Thank you, Michelle. We're back contacting schools now term has started.
Hi Osbawn,

Thank you- we have had meetings with DfE and Department for Health to no avail. Sadly, there is very little money and is has all been allocated but we are exploring partnerships with other organisations so fingers crossed.


What about the NHS children's mental health budget, under the headings of prevention, and improving access to services?
Hi Antonia,

Thank you for this- it was one of my first thoughts. I met NHS England - we fit with the 5 Year Forward Plan but no money in centralised budget- it's all down to individual commissioners.



How frustrating. Mental health charities? Mind? Probably you've tried that too. Good luck.

Or the Lottery Fund?

This is a really interesting project. I would be keen to meet up and discuss it with you - I am a Governor at Hornsey School for Girls.

Can you send me a DM



Hi Adam,

Hope you're well- sent you a DM last week- hope it came through. 



This kind of awareness and preventative work is very important, in my view (as a counsellor) and it should be available for all ages and social groups. Mental wellbeing work is something local authorities should be addressing as part of their public health responsibility but only operates inconsistently. The counselling profession believes counselling services should be available in all schools though that is not yet the case. Good luck with your work and initiatives.

Very well said, Roslyn. We have been in lots of schools where there is no counselling or very high numbers for the available counsellors. One school had a single counsellor for 1500 students which was very sad.  Thank you for the luck- you can see what we are up to on Twitter @Pixel_Learning   





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