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I've been working from home recently, so haven't been able to go to my usual hairdresser. Can anyone recommend a good local men's hairdresser?  Nothing flash, just need to get a few inches chopped off, and would rather not end up with short back and sides, which is what happened last time I walked into one off the street...

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Golden Hair, top of Hampden Road.
Chap called Marcus bottom of muswell hill in priory road. Very good
Capelli's in Crouch End.

I agree with capelli's , I am a hairdresser and i go there and i can assure you they know how to cut mens hair

They are reasonably priced as well.

Fortis in Vintage hair is very good and cheap . His there every monday . Vintage hair next to haringay station 44 quernmore road n44qp
Are they paying you for all these recommendations Fiona? Doing it on every hairdressing thread is a little ott for someone just trying to be helpful

I can't recomment Mickeys nr manor house tube enough. friendly relaxed guy in swish surroundings at regular barber prices. Check out the website. Even does discount for us seniors!


Avalon on Weston Park, Crouch End. They are really friendly. Go to Charlie she is really good and not one of the expensive ones.



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