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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Remember when there were rooms hired out for single people, middle-aged or older, to hopefully meet someone nice?

Now it's all about internet dating and dodgy or ripoff websites.

Is there anywhere that hosts the good old days?

I am a young mid sixties and too young for slippers and pipe, though I don't smoke.

I hope for a positive result!

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It's hard to avoid the internet nowadays.

Take a look at www.meetup.com where actual meet ups among people of the same interests are advertised.

Good luck.

Thank you.

They're not specifically for meeting romantic partners but church groups, community groups and outside exercise classes are good places to meet nice people, make friends and perhaps meet someone special. I hope you find someone to enjoy your gilden years with.

Thank you very much.

I recommend getting out and about London at national trusts like Osterley or similar volunteer centric activities, my relatives of similar ages volunteer at such places and it's a nice day out.

At any age, it pays to be chatty, outgoing and friendly, as well as providing a number, which provides no obligation to ring unless the other party is interested.

I bet there are more people on here that are in the same situation, why don’t you arrange something? Even if it’s just a little get together round a table in The Salisbury (or wherever) for a drink. Good way to meet people in a group setting without pressure.  Then you can plan other things (days out, walks etc) from there. 

Thank you Lauren. I am up for that. 

If anyone is interested, contact me.

I would be interested, but not at the Salisbury because of the intrusive muzak.



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