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This subject was raised at the social group on Tuesday - quite a few people wanted to learn to practise meditation - so I said I'd think about starting a meditation group...it would be in September (I have been meditating on and off for 25 years and am a practising buddhist). It would have to be a limited group in my living room(up to 8), bringing own cushions and a small fee to cover expenses etc. The only time I have free would be 6 pm Sundays for 1 hour???

Anyone interested please respond....

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I would be interested. Attended a session at the Buddist centre on Meditation and loved the experience, would love to intergrate it into my everyday life. Have a lot of trouble focusing and stopping my mind wandering so a group environment would be great. Thanks for the doc too. Very useful.
I'd be interested in that!
Me too
Ok that's 4 people so far... beginning to sound viable! Will decide in a few weeks - watch this space...
I am interested too!



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