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Mayor's plans revive spectre of Wood Green traffic being diverted down Wightman Road

Those of you who've been around on the site for a while will remember when eagle-eyed Paul Jenkins spotted some grit in the ointment of the Wood Green Town Plan. He spotted that the Council were planning to close Wood Green High Road to all traffic but buses. This would have seen all traffic diverted down Wightman.

A successful campaign orchestrated by this site saw that off..............or so we thought.

A recent article in the Hornsey & Crouch End Journal that I just spotted on the HoL Newswire raises the possibility of the plan being back in play.

Fume clogged streets could be a thing of the past if cars are permanently banned in Wood Green under ambitious plans to create a "town centre of the future". The area is one of 12 earmarked by Transport for London to potentially benefit from a new network of bus and bike routes - by banning cars.

So, here we are again. How come? If it was dropped by the Council, has it really been revived without any input from them? What's going on here?

According to the Journal, the plans are at a very early stage, with a public consultation running until January. It will be finalised in April 2012. So, if we want to have some influence over how this'll impact our area (positively or negatively), we'd better have our say!

Can anyone see the relevant bit in the plan?

PS: This later discussion also has some comments about this issue, but has since been closed by site Admin.

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Going to be fun. with speed bumps.

Joined - up planning ? Oh yes !
The plans need further study but it doesn't look terribly positive. All the same, Wood Green High Street could definitely be improved. Perhaps some good could come out of this. Out of interest, surely Wightman Road traffic is counter-balanced more by Green Lanes than Wood Green High Street? Happy to be corrected if that is a misunderstanding!
Probably worth looking through the old discussions Tim. What seems likely is that id they divert traffic to the west of Wood Green, unless they take meaures, it'll channel down Wightman and rat run through the ladder rung roads.
Page 19 of Executive Summary, indicated on diagram, text thus:
Working with the London boroughs, this
strategy aims to develop locally agreed
improvements that enhance the vitality of
Outer London including improved accessibility
to, and between, town centres and a greatly
improved urban environment within town
centres Working closely with the boroughs,
locally agreed approaches to improving orbital
connectivity will be encouraged through
better integration between public transport
services and better information provision
Potential measures to enhance accessibility
to, and within, Outer London town centres
are illustrated below...
@Ralph: That's the nub of it.

@Tim: Yes, it is a misunderstanding but a culpable one. Where were you and your party in June 2008 when we educated Harringay (including Wightman Road) and Haringey about the inevitable consequences of that Wood Green SDP ?
If southbound traffic is blocked off at Station Road/Lordship Lane to 'improve' Wood Green High Street for shoppers, pedestrians, cyclists and buses - where do you think that traffic will go to continue its southwards progress ?
That's right. Follow Hugh's link above. Words like WightmanPaul and WRN4RA (=Wightman Road N4 Residents' Association) are worth tagging along with. Our next meeting is tomorrow evening - 7.30-9.30 pm, probably at St Paul's Church Hall, or across the road at No.19 Wightman Road.
Tim, excuse my slightly acerbic tone above. It's just that 600 or so HOL members have been through all this 16 months ago and thought that our very successful action had put this danger safely to bed. Apparently not.
Notice of our WRN4RA's meeting (tomorrow) is in this week's events on the Main Page (left).
I'm not sure how long Tim has been in the area, but this new plan seems to be similar to what has been proposed by councils of different persuasions on and off for the last forty years.

IMO, making Wood Green High Road a pedestrian friendly area will not work unless those responsible bite the bullet, find the finances to build the High Road relief road.. (see link below)
I have to agree here with Stephen. As a responsible cyclist and Wood Green resident I would welcome some move to reduce traffic volume on the High Road and make it considerably safer for responsible law abiding cyclists. However, in order to achieve this in such a way that it doesn't have a detrimental effect on our neighbours in Wightman Road and other surrounding roads, a new relief road must be planned properly and with appropriate consultation.
I'm for all that Gerard. Any idea about where the new relief road would go?
Hugh, if you look at 1980 plan as a comparison - I would suggest a drawn out s.. From Station Road (the western part of the planned gyratory) across High Road next to Shopping City then behind the shops, across Westbury Avenue to a new junction at Green Lanes, West Green Road.

I wouldn't support the eastern part of the Wood Green gyratory because of the damage it would do to Noel Park..
I haven't given it much thought Hugh but I'm sure there's lots of scope to achieve it.
Stephen & Gerard, there may well be hugely expensive ways of building new routes that would have been considered in the Sixties, but we're just entering a decade or more when we'll be experiencing the most restricted public sector finances for many generations.

It is certain that no expensive new road system will be considered. So, I can't see any option but to use existing roads. If you don't live in an area that would be negatively impacted, I can understand why you might be attached to a car-free Wood Green. But what's the point if it just wrecks other areas.

Now, if the plan can reroute traffic out of this residential area, of course I'd be interested. But where exactly will all this traffic go? Common sense says it'll be displaced to somewhere.



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