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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has for the first time used his new Land Fund to purchase the site at St Ann’s Hospital  – a deal which will enable the redevelopment of the hospital and provide hundreds of new homes – half of which will be genuinely affordable.

Sadiq struck the deal with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust to buy the site, which will deliver up to 800 new homes, with 50 per cent being affordable.

The Mayor said he is committed to working closely with the local people, including St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART), to deliver affordable homes for the local community. His office has already begun discussions with StART about the future development of the site for homes for local people.

Marlene Barrett, Chair of St Ann's Redevelopment Trust, said: “For years residents in Haringey have been working to realise our vision of a community-led development on the St Ann's hospital site that delivers genuinely affordable homes for people in the borough, while maintaining the site’s health legacy and important biodiversity and heritage aspects.

We welcome the Mayor's decision to purchase the site and work with us. We hope our community can now realise its vision for the maximum possible number of long-term genuinely affordable homes, and that the development will serve as a new model for building large-scale, community-led housing and making the best use of public land in London.”

Huge congratulations to the team at StART. Although, I imagine it's a bit of a bitter-sweet ending, I hope that Khan's intervention delivers everything they hoped for.

Full article here.

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Hello people who think the HDV was awesome! Ha ha ha!

Brilliant work guys. Very proud of you all.

Amazing result - onward and upward. 

This is great news 


... fantastic... that's a great start...

Hooray! Really excited to see how this will develop.  Exciting stuff.  

It's a long-waited for, very positive result!

In case anyone doesn't know, you can have monthly updates from StART by leaving your email address via http://www.startharingey.co.uk/

Join StART for £1, come to a fortnightly general organising meeting (Wednesdays at Chestnuts Community Centre) or contribute to one of the subgroups (Environment, Health, Housing, Strategy, Finance, Inclusion, Publicity) 

We also need to know of any expertise you can contribute as a community resident, as well as support and enthusiasm.

Well done! Great news.

Can I ask what time your Wednesday meetings are?

Hi Julie

7.30pm. There's a diary for which wednesdays on the website. 

Ah yes, stuck on the 341 bus in traffic backed up to Warwick Gardens waiting to turn into Green Lanes.

I can't wait for 800 more cars to join in the morning fun, especially on bin day. 

I couldn't find in the press release or article - what does it mean "genuinely affordable"?



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