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The Mayhew Animal Home have been inundated with dumped kittens - over 130 so far. If you can help with rehoming or fostering, details here


Rescue homes also need you to help reduce the pressure on them by making sure your male and female cats and dogs are neutered and microchipped.

Kittens need to be neutered from 4 months old, otherwise a kitten will get pregnant as young as 5 months old.

Neutering and microchipping is just as important for indoor cats as they often get lost.

If your cat or dog is microchipped, remember to keep the microchip company updated with any change in your contact details.

Please give a home to a rescue animal, don't buy. There's no point breeding more animals when there are so many animals needing homes stuck in rescue places.

The Mayhew also have lots of cats and dogs needing homes.

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130 dumped kittens! That is awful. I completely agree people should get pets from rescue centres like this rather than buying from breeders



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