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Council Cabinet Member for Resources & Culture claims  loss = 0%

Haringey Council Leader claims  loss = 20% 


Liberal Democrat spokesman on Libraries (me)                   
estimate Overall
  loss = 50%

estimate re. Young Adults, Childrens'                   
Library and Childrens' Garden area, alone  
loss = 75%

Does the area of the current, safe enclosed Childrens Garden not represent an "activity" that would be lost? Under the plans, It would become the main entrance for the new Council Customer Service Centre and a North-South thoroughfare to and from the Leisure Centre.

The above graphic shows the proposed new back door or 'poor door'.

It'd likely be heavily trafficked and it's right alongside the proposed Childrens' Library. What remains of the current area for children, would hold rows of PCs plus a single bookcase (can you spot it?) and it's being passed off as a 'Childrens Library'.

  • The upper floor would house no books. One part would become a shrunken, cramped "quiet area", that is unlikely to be quiet, given the adjacent activities, that include a "Children's Play Area" of 16.1 square metres. You couldn't make it up!
  • The ground floor would be dominated by rows of PCs (there do appear to be a small number of bookcases, towering three shelves in height). Another quiet study area would be adjacent to two parking ticket vending machines (!?)

    One can imagine the scene: "Damn it Sharon, it's still not accepting my money". "Hurry up, there's people queuing Tracy. Hit it on the side again!" I made that up, but Haringey's plans are real.

Clive Carter
Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Libraries

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Are Young Adults children or adults?  To the book trade, they are about 13+.

That whole section is being quietly disposed of.

That whole section is being quietly disposed of.

Not if we can help it, Pam.

It's not in any of the new plans. LBH believes teenagers are the same as adults, so that section will be merged in with the Adult books, whatever is left of them.

Pam, I've updated my estimate (above) for estimates of library space lost, to focus on the those members of the public who perhaps benefit the most from public libraries: children and youth.

I believe that the Young Adults; Childrens' Library and Children's Garden: currently adjacent to one other, need to be identified separately, as a group.

The councillor library experts disagree with you.

Is that an ironic description, Pam? I didn't know there were councillor library experts...

There is currently a young adult room, in fact the one we had our meeting with David Lammy in a few weeks ago, behind the children's counter. There is a special room for them at Wood Green which is not near the children's library, think it's further upstairs on the 2nd floor.

I have already used up my allocation of ironic quote marks.

Luci, I'm no expert in Library Design, although I understand that there are firms of architects who specialise in this. I simply don't know if Frankhams has done libraries before this one, or how many.

I am however, developing expertise is identifying misleading by this Council.

Councillor Clive Carter
Liberal Democrat Party

Anyone that uses phrases like enhance the customer journey is not qualified to do more than, for example, count the piles of boxes about to be shipped off to 'poor people'.


Soon we'll be able to buy back /\  that much of our library stock.  Four for £10 now though, bumped up from the library's own four for a pound from their last bit of disposal.

Come, now, Pam, they were simply quoting English literature. 

Once more unto the customer journey, dear stakeholders, once more;
Or going forward close up the libraries with lame excuse instead.
In press release there's nothing more becomes a jest
Than meaningless inanity.
But when the Voice of Kober blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the Ostrich ;

Exeunt. Alarum, and councillors go off on holiday

pursued by bears?



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