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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

In a recent discussion it was suggested that we think about suggesting some Harringay properties for a Haringey green plaque

Someone could do that. We could also map where the plaques could be and almost create a virtual Green or Blue Plaque scheme.

All it needs is someone to do some digging around and pin down addresses of this list I've assembled on Wikipedia. Any takers?

Oh, awright, here's a starter for 10...........

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The wiki's info is out of kilter, are folk working on it ? For instance :Gillian Anderson, ''Soon after her birth, her family moved to Puerto Rico for 15 months and then to Crouch End and finally Haringey in North London, so that her father could attend the London Film School.''... .. is obviously not correct. Maybe i can give a hand to proof read ?
That's what Wikipedia's all about:

Wikipedia is written collaboratively by largely anonymous Internet volunteers who write without pay. Anyone with Internet access can write and make changes to Wikipedia articles. Users can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or with their real identity, if they choose.

The addition of her time in Harringay and the categorisation of the article within the "People from Harringay" category have been my only contributions to the Gillian Anderson article. I just dove in there and added the (referenced) fact.

Seems like back in March someone changed Harringay to Harringey, and then another, person 'corrected' that to Haringey. Thanks for spotting the error James. I've put it back to Harringay again. That's one of the downsides of Wikipedia - well intentioned contributors creating errors.

If you feel inclined to edit, James, you can do so on 99.99% of articles anonymously or as a registered user. Only a few articles are protected where they been the subject of repeated vandalism or edit wars. (Oh yes Wikipedia brings online all he bitchiness of academia with a great dollop of the worst sort of online interaction behaviour).

Your post has also led me to stumbling across this. Ya waat!. I'm assuming this is some dullard who will make a book to order by compiling info from Wikipedia. Don't touch it with a barge pole.
Seems like the Official Fan Website was wrong on this. I dropped them a message yesterday to fact-check and today got the following reply:

Dear Hugh,

I'm afraid that the Haringey/Harringay confusion may be responsible for the rumour that Gillian ever lived in the neighbourhood of Harringay. She lived for five years on Rosebery Gardens in Crouch End, borough of Haringey (easily confused with Roseberry Gardens, Harringay). She also lived for 15 months on Albany Rd N4, just a stone's throw from the west boundary of Harringay.

Rosemary Anderson (G's mother)

Guess she should know!

Here's another one

Henry Harvey Vivian

According to the 1901 census he lived at 15 Burgoyne Road, or no. 11 according this

"Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons - 1911
Henry Harvey Vivian, of 11, Burgoyne Road, Harringay"
Well done Angela, knew you'd come up with something! What's the second source?
Wiki says H Vivian lived in The Limes, Crouch End Hill. Which is a mixed up/wrong address. They probably mean Crouch Hill, which is not in Hornsey.
Anyway it's not in Harringay.
Hugh, Do the people have to have lived in Harringay or does Hornsey/Crouch end count (like some of the entries in wiki) ? I am confused.
No, James, Wikipedia says he died in The Limes and lived in Burgoyne. Angela has sourced a reference from the census. I think we can take it as solid. It's likely Vivian moved further west later in his life.

As far as People from..... categories in Wikipedia are concerned, they tend to include people who have lived somewhere for, preferably, a significant period in their life.
Wiki :''Vivian died on 30 May 1930 aged 62 years at his home, The Limes, Crouch End Hill''. does not say ''lived in Burgoyne road'' that's why i'm confused.
Sorry James. I wasn't being clear. It does mention Burgoyne in the first para (I put i there!).
Thanks Hugh.
Please may i borrow your spectacles mine don't seem to work any more
Snap. I just guess!
I found it via Google Books - a Govt publication called 'Papers by Command 1911'

Unfortunately it only allows 'snippet view'



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