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Six mature trees with trunks over 1ft have been cut down on the Mcdonald's property. They have also pollarded many others (I'd be amazed if they survived the heat wave). 

Disgraceful to see large tree's being taken down in our borough so Mcdonald's can renovate. 

They feed people terrible food and lower our air quality. Utterly horrible of them to attack our health from so many fronts. 

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Just noticed on the webs, this was picked up by iNews ten days after Park posted here (well donr for pickingm up on this, Park). https://inews.co.uk/news/chris-packham-mcdonalds-cut-dwn-trees-harr...

And, I notice that just yesterday, photographer Sabrina Merolla has snapped a picture of the fence daubed with graffiti of protest.

From July 20th on, Haringey Tree Protectors captured the following set of photos.

Well done local vandals!

I went today and the lack of shade meant that I was forced to indulge in a Smarties Mcflurry®. Looking at the new greenery, I think a challenging 9-hole crazy golf course could be designed. A sharpened can to dig the holes and some small flags... £5 a go and a local charity could clean up, even after the carbon offsets. 

A protest has been organised for this saturday (6th) outside McDs between 10am - 1pm.  Details attached.


Passed by McDs this evening, they appear to be having problems with their sewage pipes, the manhole cover outside the main entrance was open and a man was spraying water into the sewer.  The stink was awful.  So the statement from McDonald's about "the builders found serious subsidence and root invasion damaging the main drainage in and around the car park." might in fact be true!



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