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At about 17:50 yesterday afternoon a man was stabbed during a fight on the road between the tennis and basketball courts at Finsbury Park.

It happened about 100m in front of me as I was walking south to Lidl's. It also happened in front of hundreds of park users in a park full of thousands of people. Others will have had a better view than me of what led up to the incident.

The victim managed to get up from the ground. The two assailants sauntered off, each pushing bicycles.

The victim wore a T-shirt whose midriff was covered in blood. Ambulance and the police were called and the area was cordoned off. A helicopter hovered overhead for about 20 minutes, (probably connected) and the police appeared to review video tapes at the cafe.

I hope these assailants are caught.

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Lots of conflicting stories were circulating on Twitter about this incident yesterday, so it's good to have a longer, first-hand report on here Clive. Seems very odd that local news aren't on it yet...

I hope the tweeters who actually saw or even photographed something will contact the Police. A camera is a third eye.

I walked past the victim as he wiped blood from his hands on the grass. Others came up to him offering assistance and I heard snatches of conversation.

When the two men wheeling bicycles strolled off and the victim got up I thought it was less serious at first. Then someone said "did they stab you?" "yes they stabbed me", I realised it was more serious.

I got a reasonable look at one of the assailants and could provide a general description such that on a police line up I might be able to pick him out - but I'm sure that others can and likely already have, provide a description more detailed than I could give.

It is not possible to change overnight some aspects of one's appearance, such as being conspicuously overweight.

I wouldn't assume that other people have given a description to the police.

When I witnessed a stabbing a few years ago, out of the 30-odd people on the bus, only one other person and I came forward and gave a description (the police were useless but that is another story).

So it might be worth contacting the police and letting them decide whether you have something to add to what they know.

Overweight cyclist: should be easy to find.

And short dreadlocks.

Can I please suggest that since this might end up in Court, it's inadvisable for potential witnesses to post (and potentially share) information online.

Give descriptions to the police and let them get on with their job.



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