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Has anyone else noticed the guy sitting in a van all day, by the canal on Burgoyne? He is playing loud music from his van (I can hear it in my house with the windows closed and curtains drawn!) - not quite sure what's going on with him and i'm not sure enough about approaching him to see if he's ok. Any suggestions as to what to do? He has been around since the weekend at least.

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Great, thanks Jono!!



We've had a look and no sign of the van. If he comes and goes can you let me have the make, model, colour and number plate and when he arrives/leaves and we'll perform a pincer movement!!


Hi Jono

Thanks for popping by! Did you check early or late in the day? As I've said, I think he sleeps in the van so is on the street between 7pm to 8am. It's a white van with a ladder on it. I will get the rego tonight.

Thanks again all...



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