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There is an itv news report that a video was filmed on Monday August 15th of a man punching and kicking a dog outside the Co-Op on Benwell Road N7, near to the Emirates Stadium.

The RSCPA say "this behaviour is completely unacceptable, the dog is clearly frightened of the man" and they are concerned about the welfare of the dog.
The RSPCA is asking for people to watch the video and for anyone who recognises the man to get in touch with them as they are concerned about the welfare of the dog and they want to help the dog.

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Yes, he should stick to hitting his children.

As much as my heart is breaking hearing this and would like to help if I could, but I can't bring myself to watch the video it will give me sleepless nights and stay in my mind forever.

I love this man to be be punished and banned from keeping animals for ever, so please anyone who is brave enough to see the video and hopefully recognise this man. Its also not a area I ever go to so I guess it would be best for someone who knows or lives in the area may know or seen this man before anywhere.

Heartbroken & sad


Im sorry but this is a non story. The dog was being disobedient and looking like it was about to bite or jump on pedestrians. The guy was disciplining the dog and to say punching and kicking is a bit strong. Dunno if you have ever had those types of dogs but they are difficult to train and will test you. This wont be popular but I would put the safety of every human being over the temporary well being of a dog. Dog did not look distressed in anyway and a witch hunt against that owner who is trying to be responsible in my eyes shows just how backwards this society is.

People saying they wont watch the clip but begging for others to go and report him etc. Sleepless nights over that and there are humans suffering in this world? 

If you can't restrain your dog without hitting him, then you probably should not own a dog. Most dogs are trainable and if they are disobedient it's probably because you haven't trained them properly. Irresponsible dog ownership is what puts people in danger, not the dog itself. 

The dog was jumping on people and looked like it was going to bite them. That should be your main concern in that scenario but you seem to care more about the dog is all i'm saying. 

It doesn't seem to me that the dog is trying to attack people (?). He just looks like he is wagging his tail and wanting to say hello to the man passing by. Maybe he is a young dog who is kept in a flat all day long and gets a bit overexcited when he is taken for a walk.

People who never owned a dog might not be familiar with their body language, but I can reassure you there's nothing aggressive about this dog. He is a bit naughty and disobedient, yes, but that's probably due to the inability of his owner to control this dog (without hitting him!). My opinion is that if you can't be a good parent, don't have kids...

I agree with JB that it's a non-story. The video is hardly 'shocking', unlike others in the same vein that have been posted. I tell you what, though, I don't like it when dog owners tell me that their pet 'won't hurt you' after the animal has climbed all over me to 'say hello'.

I am a dog lover but I don't see this video as being 'very upsetting', unpleasant yes.  It is certainly not 'heartbreaking'. I don't see any aggression in the dog's behavior but certainly the owner does not appear to know how to train his dog, and looks to have lost his patience. As stated above, not suitable person to own a dog. But the original report wording seems an overreaction based on fact that he was caught on video and is easy target, sort of public shaming. 
Seeing children being bombed in a war zone is heartbreaking. 

This video is not shocking at all. The owner is disciplining the dog and i wouldn't call his 'punches' particularly hard. I  couldn't see when he 'kicked' the dog at all. I'm not condoning what he does at all I just don't think its anything major.

If you want heartbreaking watch the news reports from Syria. That is truly heartbreaking

Man filmed hitting dog

Dog bites man - no big deal.

Man bites bitch - a scene worth filming.

As much as my heart is breaking hearing this and would like to help if I could, but I can't bring myself to watch the video it will give me sleepless nights and stay in my mind forever. I love this man to be be punished and banned from keeping animals for ever.

Please spare us all this vapourish emoting - for ever or even forever.

From one who was brave enough to watch this horror movie and survived the ordeal, heart still intact.

sorry what planet are you guys on. How can kicking a dog ever be ok. he wasnt discipling the dog, or if he was trying to, he was doing a really bad job of it

anyone knows you dont do it like that. anyway that dog was super friendly by the looks of it

Unfortunately after another recent death of a child by a dog. i blame the owners who dont train their dogs properly- agression and violence is not a way to discipline an animal, and more likely to make an agressive animal



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