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Man attacked by dog on Wightman Road: Saturday 16 September, 6.30pm

My husband and our dog were attacked by a large dog, running off lead with his female owner on a bike on Wightman Road, between Cavendish and Duckett Roads at approximately 6.30pm, on Saturday 16 September. The woman was cycling north on the north side pavement; the dog ran across the road to attack my husband and our small dog. 

Did you see anything?

If so, please DM me.

Thank you very much 

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Sorry to hear this happened. What kind of dog attacked you? Do you have a description of the woman and the bike please? Have you reported this to the police? 

Hi - thanks for your reply. 

My husband says the dog was Black and Tan, mainly tan, and he thinks it was a some sort of bull terrier.

The woman on her bike was in her fifties, maybe younger, dark hair, London accent, white, medium height and slim. The bike was a dark bike - not a lime or electric one. 

Yes we reported to the police and as he had to go to A&E with his injuries the police seem to be taking the attack seriously. They arrived at our house within about half an hour but we were at the hospital. 

Really sorry to hear that. Sounds like the same dog that tried to attack my wife and dog over the summer. Fortunately the owner called the dog away. 

Where did that happen? Was the dog off lead on Wightman Road?

Corner of fairfax and green lanes. Dog was off lead and she was on a bike. 

Thank you - I was hoping she was through traffic, not a resident. It makes me very nervous to walk the dog. 

I happened to notice this on an FB group from the other side of the tracks. It sounds like a similar set-up (female owner with badly controlled muscle-dog) but probably not the same pair that came for you. 

FB Dog Attack.jpg

Thanks Hugh - worryingly, this isn’t the same pair. But thank you for the heads up to avoid Priory Road. 

Certainly more dangerous dogs around than I realised. 

My husband managed to get footage - and the resident very kindly agreed to let him use it in today’s Mirror: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/i-spent-weeks-reading-dog-310...

if anyone know this woman, please do PM me; the police have - so far - done nothing. 

That footage is absolutely sickening and I would think you'll carry mental scars for a long time !!  No penalty will be harsh enough for that mindless, selfless, selfish woman.  Some other poor unsuspecting soul will almost certainly suffer worse if she isn't dealt with as harshly as possible.  Good wishes to you all.

There is a council owned building farther up toward the railway bridge, the Police are often called there because of the druggies in that place, it could have been them ?



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