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Man attacked by dog on Wightman Road: Saturday 16 September, 6.30pm

My husband and our dog were attacked by a large dog, running off lead with his female owner on a bike on Wightman Road, between Cavendish and Duckett Roads at approximately 6.30pm, on Saturday 16 September. The woman was cycling north on the north side pavement; the dog ran across the road to attack my husband and our small dog. 

Did you see anything?

If so, please DM me.

Thank you very much 

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The footage and article are really terrifying - I hope your husband and dog have recovered.

There is an update article too, with the dog owner now having been identified (as a result of the person who was attacked in this incident no less) - Islington police are investigating. 

Yes thank you - the mirror journalist is my husband and he used his early local journalism skills to find the dog. I think the national platform helped. 

Those people online pointing out the satisfying symmetry of a tabloid showbiz journalist being rabidly hounded on the street ought to be ashamed of themselves. 

Anyway, I'm logging off now and heading down the shops to "an area... where crime including stabbings is rife". If you'd like to follow my journey, please ask some neighbours for their Ring video coverage. 

Thanks James - I'll pass on your good wishes to Tom. Thank you again :)



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