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I came across this set of excellent infovideos about how to make indoor spaces safer.


I thought the v short one about ventilation and carbon dioxide monitoring could be useful for business (cafe, restaurant, shop, office) owners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLsR4e8gLEY, although this lovely weather will mean that windows and doors are open by default, hopefully.


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This is really useful. Of course ancestors knew the importance of good ventilation to prevent airborne infection. Hence the high ceilings in public buildings,  schools,  churches etc. In private houses, a high ceiling was a status symbol. Modern architecture has lost this in many cases, in a drive to cut heating costs. Some new buildings (and a certain double decker bus) don't have any opening windows at all. 

Let them wear wool, I say! 60 years ago I went to school in the winter with a full set of wooly underwear,  which caused ridicule when the elastic wore and the pants drooped below the leg of my shorts!

Thanks for sharing this Julia, its a really useful reminder that we're a long way from being out of the woods yet!



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