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Towns and cities all over the UK are reorganising their streets, reallocating road space so people can walk and cycle safely. Harringay Ladder Living Streets is our local group to help make that happen here.

Haringey Council may soon have access to emergency funding that could potentially see tangible changes to the boroughs cycling and walking infrastructure by way of cycle lanes, street closures, low-traffic neighbourhoods and pavement widening. The success of the applications depends on the proposed changes being bold and providing immediate improvements. Guidance for one pot of funding from the DfT states "Anything that does not meaningfully alter the status quo will not be funded". Our council leaders need to be truly bold in their proposals.

The detail is limited at this stage however the council, subject to funding, intend to build a cycle lane between Wood Green and Manor House. This will either be via Green Lanes or Wightman Road.

Other potential improvements in the borough which will have a direct impact to Ladder residents will be the future iteration of the Liveable Crouch End scheme and a low traffic neighbourhood in St Ann's.

Geographically, the Ladder is stuck between a rock and a hard place - the railway line and busy Green Lanes. Many in the past have sought to make improvements to our oft forgotten corner of the borough which suffers from the brunt of through traffic.

We have sat in our homes during lockdown and wondered how we could make this strange new environment of low traffic permanent. We have seen again, for a brief moment, what Wightman Road could look like if cyclists and pedestrians were given over to the endless traffic.

The traffic is returning and we have a window of opportunity to push the council to make bold changes:

  • Provide cycle lanes on Green Lanes or Wightman Road
  • Reduce traffic on the Ladder and filter Wightman Road
  • A low-traffic neighbourhood for the Harringay Ladder
  • School Streets for North and South Harringay Schools

Local residents are forming a Living Streets group for the Harringay Ladder to provide a co-ordinated voice for residents. 

Please join our group by sending an email to: harringayladderlivingstreets@gmail.com

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In the 12hrs since posting, this topic has elicited 5 comments. All of which relate to the satellite dishes in the photo.

Doesn't bode well, does it.

oh, I don't know.  It's the number of follows that count.  There's not much to say at this stage that hasn't been said in other threads.

What usually happens is that when an issue is still rather abstract few people get involved. If things go well, a few people will take this forward. When it becomes a formal proposal, more people will then get behind it.

Remember, the community has put a lot of energy into traffic issues recently, only to see their hopes frustrated.

A future headline explicitly offering lower traffic or better cycling might increase interest levels. 

Exactly - as I mentioned I have signed up. Overall I think it makes sense to aspire to objectives on which we know we can prevail. A cycle lane on Wightman, merely a year after the works that were done would probably undo a lot of the investment and could be deemed difficult to justify. 

Hello, Will,

I think the delay in responses. is because most people work, and may not look at personal e-mails straightaway. I don’t look at my HOL message until Saturday morning, for example.  I am sure many will relate to this group’s aims and will join up. I have e-mailed them and feel strongly about the issues they have raised. I want to see safer, greener roads...

Also, now that more of us are cycling, now is an optimum time to lobby for more cycle lanes. 


Excellent post- thank you so much for this.  I am fully in support of this and will be joining the group.

Hi I will join the group but I have to say I feel like we have been here before. The council seem to be in the pockets of the traders who are happy to have the traffic and unsightly streets. There never seems to be any real improvement although I agree now is the time if they are ever going to do it!

Just signed up! Looking forward to the meeting this evening. Hopefully we will be able to make real changes in the area!

That's great Elizabeth, I'm sure your input will be well informed and most welcome.

Was pleased to see the proposed ladder-living-streets-campaign using an image of Green Lanes as it's post image. Green Lanes and Wightman are the rails of the ladder.

1500 - 2000 residents live above the shops on Grand Parade / Green Lanes between the Salisbury and the bridge.

Inclusivity is appreciated.

(but previously there have been comments on HOL of Green Lanes residents being less deserving since they have 'chosen' to live there / their 'properties' being less '£- valuable').

Will happily join the discussions if Green Lanes residents are part of the thinking/ debate.

Please come join us - we discussed Green Lanes a lot last night.



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