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Make Harringay home - Refugee sponsorship: appeal for housing

Hi everyone,

With huge thanks for your generous support, we have met our fundraising target to support a refugee family to settle and integrate in the area.

We now face the pressing challenge of finding affordable housing and we are appealing for landlords or anyone with a property that could house a refugee family. There are many benefits of doing this - for the landlord and of course for the family - please see more detail in the flyer.

If you can help us with our search for housing please get in touch: makeharringayhome@gmail.com

You can follow us at www.facebook.com/MakeHarringayHome and we are continuing to collect funds here: www.justgiving/make-harringay-home

Thank you very much.


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for doing this.

My family has expressed interest in taking in some refugees, and it had occurred to us that it would be a good idea to have a forum on HoL where those of us who are doing this could exchange ideas as to how to prepare.

Once the people start coming we could then set up a WhatsApp group so that we can share confidential information and help one another out.

If you'd like your forum post to be used for this purpose, please say so. If you would prefer it to stay focused on what you are doing at the moment, though, I can always set up another one.

All the best,


Hi David - thanks for your message. It’s great that your family wants to help. Please feel free to use this post for that purpose. Our group’s main objective is to find a home for a family and help them settle. But very keen also to do what we can to support others to get involved. A forum to discuss how people can help would be very useful. Feel free to get in touch directly and we can talk further. 
Best wishes 


I’ve been told that there’s an organisation called Homes for Ukraine which is said to be quite efficient at connecting potential hosts with refugees. Its website is https://www.refugeesathome.org/ and it might be worth checking out.


Correction. The organisation is called Refugees at Home. 
Homes for Ukraine,of course, is the government scheme.



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