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Just had a lovely service from Dazzle Dry Cleaners (now Magic Wand). They are always reasonably priced and provide high quality. They cleaned our quilt and rug and altered my husband's trousers. Very happy with the service provided.

Site Admin note: Business name changed in title from Dazzle Dry Cleaners by site admin.

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I can't fault the place. Always helpful and prompt with cleaning and they've done a bunch of repairs to my suits. Also, before I went on holiday I put all my suits in for cleaning. I completely forgot to collect them until gone 8pm on the day before I had to go back to work. Not having any work clothes was not an appealing prospect. I called the shop at 8:05pm, from Islington. Shahab said he would wait, and duly he did, I tore over in the car and I collected my suits at about 8:15pm. I can't compliment the place highly enough.

Fantastic customers service and I even received a Christmas Card this year!! True 5 star service.

I had a similar experience recently,took in a much cherished vintage skirt that required a new zip and dry cleaning. Shahab did a great job at a reasonable price. Great customer service and definitely one for the address book.



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