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My mac is old and slow (like me)- Can anyone recommend a Mac repairs shop thats localish

- I know lots fix PCs but not a mac specialist.

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Hi Marika

My name is Marek and I repair Macs and PCs.

Please give a call 0790 460 7745 and we could look at your Mac.

The consultation is free and we examine your machine and I could give you a few options how to speed up your Mac.

For clients references please look at 


Whats the cost of replacing the DVD player on a white mac book?

Hi Reggie

First of all it depends how much is the DVD-rom.

Secondly, the costs of DVD replacement somewhere around £30-£40.

It depends on model and level of complication.

Can you tell more details about this machine in private conversation?

I used Andy Gambini who runs Macaid in Walthamstow - doe shome visits if necessary too - 07939539489

I use Computec, 020 3239 5658, run by the coincidentally named Rory Hackett.  He covers both PCs and Macs.



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