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Hello Harringay,

A few weeks ago a good friend in the Conservatives asked me to run under their banner in the local elections and I didn't laugh right in his face.

My original excursion into politics was in 2001, when I joined the Conservatives because I was so angry about the Victoria Climbie thing but then I left them in 2005 because:

a) I got fed up of politics and

b) I got fed up of the Conservatives (mind you I was just as fed up of the other lot).

When, a few weeks ago, I was invited back to the treadmill, I wasn't any better disposed to the political life but there is so much sh*t going on in this borough that I decided I couldn't ignore it any more.  I don't fit that well into a Party mold but seeing as the Conservatives are the only group really serious about opposition in this borough and seeing as I am an Angry Old Woman, I decided that *someone* has to do something.  Don't talk to me about the LibDems. The place for nodding dogs is in the back of the car, not in the Council chamber.

*If you want to follow me on Twitter, the address is <@LoveHarringay>  

*If you want to get in touch with me by phone, leave a message with Tottenham Conservatives on 020 8374 6305.  I'll get back to you.  Or email loveharringay@gmail.com.

*If you want to discuss political theory, ring the LSE.  

And from now on, you can be as suspicious as you want about anything I say.  


I and my two running-mates, Sean Rivers and Massimo Rossini (NB--Rivers, Rivlin & Rossini make The Three Rs, which all good Conservatives support) will be putting out a leaflet soon.

The local party have agreed to let us write up our own stuff, so we are actually going to be working hard on it, ourselves.   At least take a look when it lands on your doormat.

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I liked the idea of an 'understanding' rating too. :-)
Well I worked in school improvement for 5 years. And I can assure you PVA is a very good school. I won't talk about NPark I had nothing to do with that school.
I know PVA very well. It's a jolly good school.

I am not a Conservative but Sharon - honestly. Please, before you begin to make political comments it would be a good idea to have a look at statistics first. I am not just referring to this post but other posts where you have contributed towards as well.

I quote you on, "Gladesmore Community School...is in poorest part of the borough." you are wrong! Gladesmore is actually located between SoTo (South Tottenham) and Stamford Hill, which is not poor or disadvantaged at all. The resident demographics of Gladesmore Road, Crowland Road etc. are mainly wealthy Jewish families and Middle Class families. 

A good way to evaluate the wealth of an area is by looking at how much people have to pay to live in that Stamford Hill Border area.



Now, you can't call that the poorest part of the borough can you!

Northumberland Park (North-east Tottenham) is the poorest part of the borough

OK, one of the poorest parts of the borough. I know the School well, I know the area, I know the feeder schools and I know that many kids entering that school are from disadvantaged backgrounds, some are not. I know that they leave with extraordinary results. Thanks for the advice but for now I will contribute to whatever thread, political or otherwise I choose and won't be intimidated away by pedants, politicians, intellectuals or the spelling police. I was just trying to big up our schools and make a positive statement about Gladesmore. I'm not interested in coming on here and wading through links. What is this, pick on Sharon day?

No, the area is not disadvantaged at all. The reason people are 'picking on you' is because of your inaccurate comments! 

Some of the children are from disadvantaged backgrounds, but they don't necessarily live in that area/ward. There are children in that school (the ones you class as disadvantaged) living in Northumberland Park, White Hart Lane etc. and in honest, they are the ones falling behind.

I know as I have participated in a case study on Gladesmore and the children bringing the school up live in wards such as Seven Sisters, St Ann's and Harringay.

The reason the school was falling behind before is because the pupils that were in that cohort lived in North Tottenham. We also analysed that if Gladesmore had one tight, tough and insular catchment area that only accepts N15, N16 and N4 pupils, it would be achieving around 90% pass rate.

There's more to every story dear.  

Please don't exit, Sharon. Some of us value voices from a wide range of people. Especially from outside the usual loyalty vote from political echo chambers. Frenetic as the elections approach.

In any case, describing the Haredi community as "wealthy Jewish families"  is innaccurate. And I doubt that many Gladesmore students are members of that community.

Nor would I assume that the Gladesmore students only come that area.

Let the pedants indulge their passion /  In their hidebound rulebound fashion /  Help them with some careless spelling / so they've something to start yelling. /  They believe it's life's main virtue. / We know a misplaced word can't hurt you.

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

No, I am not referring to the school pupils as "wealthy Jewish families" , I'm referring to the residents.

Sharon your view is valued.

By the way, nice poem Alan!

I've been connected to the school for many years. I know a lot of the staff and many of the children, lots of them live on our estate in N15. Sir Tony Hartney is from my home town. I'm not impressed by this need to pull up figure and facts to prove some remote point. There is one Jewish kid in the school Alan, he's black. Thanks for your kind words x

I didn't misunderstand you Jerry.

You wrote that members of the Haredi Jewish community in South Tottenham are "wealthy Jewish Families".  I'm suggesting that this sweeping assumption is misplaced.

Sharon, direct message me/ send a message to my mailbox with your figures. 

My Dad always told me never to get between two people having a disagreement with each other. 

(Sorry Dad).

I an very interested in the different opinions about the various schools in our borough but I do feel uneasy about you rejecting an opposing view by using that 'list of despisees'-- "pedants, politicians, intellectuals or the spelling police".  It sounds uncomfortably like you just have a thing against anyone intelligent, a sort of instant hatred for people who you feel can outwit you in some way.  There's nothing wrong with being an intellectual.  And as an English teacher I do feel quite strongly about spelling, although I do not recollect having any reason to criticise yours. 



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