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Hello Harringay,

A few weeks ago a good friend in the Conservatives asked me to run under their banner in the local elections and I didn't laugh right in his face.

My original excursion into politics was in 2001, when I joined the Conservatives because I was so angry about the Victoria Climbie thing but then I left them in 2005 because:

a) I got fed up of politics and

b) I got fed up of the Conservatives (mind you I was just as fed up of the other lot).

When, a few weeks ago, I was invited back to the treadmill, I wasn't any better disposed to the political life but there is so much sh*t going on in this borough that I decided I couldn't ignore it any more.  I don't fit that well into a Party mold but seeing as the Conservatives are the only group really serious about opposition in this borough and seeing as I am an Angry Old Woman, I decided that *someone* has to do something.  Don't talk to me about the LibDems. The place for nodding dogs is in the back of the car, not in the Council chamber.

*If you want to follow me on Twitter, the address is <@LoveHarringay>  

*If you want to get in touch with me by phone, leave a message with Tottenham Conservatives on 020 8374 6305.  I'll get back to you.  Or email loveharringay@gmail.com.

*If you want to discuss political theory, ring the LSE.  

And from now on, you can be as suspicious as you want about anything I say.  


I and my two running-mates, Sean Rivers and Massimo Rossini (NB--Rivers, Rivlin & Rossini make The Three Rs, which all good Conservatives support) will be putting out a leaflet soon.

The local party have agreed to let us write up our own stuff, so we are actually going to be working hard on it, ourselves.   At least take a look when it lands on your doormat.

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You seem to think that  "fed up OF" is ungrammatical Mr. Kellow, but I have to break the news gently to you that since "fed up" is itself a slang expression, there is no specific grammatical rule governing what follows it.  I believe that "fed up of" is more common in the north of England, whence I came.

As for Jesus weeping, maybe instead of invoking His tears over the irregularities of my Yorkshire dialect, you should more properly be assigning them to the dead babies that our Labour dominated council has sought so assiduously (and viciously) to hide behind a lot of Newspeak and Omerta.

Normally I wouldnt be so pedantic but when someone is citing their expertise as relevant in this way I think you have to suspend such an approach dont you?

Its a bit like (normally Tory) politicians and sex scandals - if they are not preaching family values then they have every right to a private life in such matters. If they are then they need calling out!

Dawnage, you decide on YOUR role in this conversation and I'll decide on mine.  If I want to be patronising then I'll be as patronising as I like, darling.  Sharon is not my student.  I am not yours.

Be as patronising as you like - just don't expect anyone to vote for you.

Wanna bet?

Gladesmore IS doing well - thanks, in part, to their brilliant Head. Others schools - Parkview and Northumberland Park (to name just two), aren't. Don't cherry pick. 

Yes, Tony Hartney and his staff are amazing. Northumberland park IS improving, all of the Haringey schools are. Woodside Park is outstanding. PVA, St Thomas Moore and Greig City all also doing well.
PVA and N. Park both had recent Good Ofsted reports with some areas outstanding. Takes two ticks to check.

Progress is being made - but there's a long way to go before all our school get an "understanding" rating . Btw, I'm a local school governor at one of Haringey's largest primary schools. What about you?

I am a parent governor in a Haringey Primary School too. I have an interest in all of the boroughs schools. My 20 year old son was a Gladesmore student and my Daughters are there now in years 7 and 10.

"Understanding". Now there's a rating I can go with.

Fresh ideas at last. How about a "Listening" school?  Or "Beautful"?

I apologise - meant, of course, "outstanding". Though some schools need to be that, too. 



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