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Hello Harringay,

A few weeks ago a good friend in the Conservatives asked me to run under their banner in the local elections and I didn't laugh right in his face.

My original excursion into politics was in 2001, when I joined the Conservatives because I was so angry about the Victoria Climbie thing but then I left them in 2005 because:

a) I got fed up of politics and

b) I got fed up of the Conservatives (mind you I was just as fed up of the other lot).

When, a few weeks ago, I was invited back to the treadmill, I wasn't any better disposed to the political life but there is so much sh*t going on in this borough that I decided I couldn't ignore it any more.  I don't fit that well into a Party mold but seeing as the Conservatives are the only group really serious about opposition in this borough and seeing as I am an Angry Old Woman, I decided that *someone* has to do something.  Don't talk to me about the LibDems. The place for nodding dogs is in the back of the car, not in the Council chamber.

*If you want to follow me on Twitter, the address is <@LoveHarringay>  

*If you want to get in touch with me by phone, leave a message with Tottenham Conservatives on 020 8374 6305.  I'll get back to you.  Or email loveharringay@gmail.com.

*If you want to discuss political theory, ring the LSE.  

And from now on, you can be as suspicious as you want about anything I say.  


I and my two running-mates, Sean Rivers and Massimo Rossini (NB--Rivers, Rivlin & Rossini make The Three Rs, which all good Conservatives support) will be putting out a leaflet soon.

The local party have agreed to let us write up our own stuff, so we are actually going to be working hard on it, ourselves.   At least take a look when it lands on your doormat.

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I was brought up in East Yorkshire myself.

So can I ask why you are not standing as an independent?  Some people have made the point that national politics are being played out here when the issues should be just local ones.

Apologies-I put up an answer earlier but realised it was too preachy and took it down again.

For your first para: ey-up chucks.

For your second: I did run as an Independent in a by-election that came up shortly after the Baby Peter case broke.  My campaign was on the social services issue, I was furious with the Council but didn't have the resources to make much of a dent.  Thinking of it now, I was in about the same position as shown in that famous Tiananmen Square picture of a man standing in front of a tank.

Third time lucky, have done that myself and after reading all this thread am sure the self consciousness can be a bit overpowering especially when running for office.  I didn't get the Yorkshire speak. Growing up in Kirkella/Anlaby in the outskirts of Hull I would not be fluent in broad Yorkshire.

I accept that independent politicians tend to have bank balances like Ross Perot (remember him?). Shame but I suppose a bit like Europe - lets change it from inside.

PS your twitter address on your 1st post - is that correct?

should be--@LoveHarringay.  Have you had trouble with it?

I am asking because although I set the account up and it is definitey functioning, the email address isn't being 'confirmed' or whatever they say it has to be.

If you need to get in direct touch you can email, too: loveharringay@gmail.com

At the Full Council meeting (which I attended to observed a one minute's silence for for MH councillor, Blair Greaves), I was surprised at just how many Labour people appeared desperate to know where I was standing. I gave each of them a different answer. I have friends in the local CLP. It was like a game of Chinese Whisper. It's good you post on here. What of, though, your co-candidates? There's no need to worry about our selections. I gather you stuck your neck out over St. Ann's? Quite an unpleasant business, if you ask me. Did you get any stick?

Enough of this whataboutery Emine. St Ann's requires an open and transparent selection process because the selection IS the election. I'm going to quote you "Oh yeah, your vote is worth a thousand times more in a selection meeting than in the election".

My goodness me, this site has had more hits than the Rolling Stones and what's more, I'm younger--just.

I intend next Saturday morning around 11-ish to be at a local coffee shop on Green Lanes, with my newspaper and a capuccino, if anyone wants to come and visit. 

I'll let you know which one nearer the time.  You'll know me.  I'll be the only one reading The Telegraph.

I'll be the only one reading The Telegraph

Not necessarily . But I'll be the only one who has finished the crossword.

I thought the Telegraph was a UKIP paper these days?

That is perfectly acceptable, Mr. Kellow. 

I have always been OF the opinion that everyone--even the most dense--is entitled to his or her own thoughts.

Do you read the online version? The comments section beggars belief - just line after line of vile, misinformed, racist commentary. Im not a lawyer but im surprised the Telegraph doesnt actually have some sort of legal responsibility to moderate it. They certainly have a moral one in my view.



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