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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The anti-LTN lobby are responding by claiming on social media that this cancellation was in bad faith and was a ploy to deny them their right to be heard. 

I assume we'll get a better picture of what actually happened. In the meantime, the LTN issue, which has become a rather ugly, unedifying and divisive issue, bubbles on.

I'm interested to get factual views on what happened  - but only factual views.  Can you help? I'm not interested in creating another space for rehashing the arguments.

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I wandered up at seven to have a look. The protesters were in two groups, one at the Mayes Road roundabout, the other nearby at the gates to the Decorum where the Council were supposed to meet. I'm not much good at estimating crowd size, and there were more protesters inside the venue, but it seemed considerably smaller than the previous protest.

Thank you, Hugh, the divisiveness is troubling.

Facts: Collection of residents  from all LTNs- diverse, multi- racial, mul- faith etc- marched noisily from Downhills Park, up Wood Green  to the Decorium centre. 

They were met by barriers acriss a narrow path to hold them in the park. . The residents pushed theses aside and the closed gates to the Decorium. This was ordered and well mannered.

Inside the residents were jubilant, noisy and took up the 80 seats set aside for the public.

Th councillors had started to collect and all left the room. All was calm by 18:50.

There was no attempt by the council to  address residents or communicate in any fashion. As time went past the 19:30 start time people were becoming agitated.

It remained controlled. 

The residents brought film equipment to ensure there was documentation. 

At no time was the council threatened or under threat. People wanted to be heard and support deputations reading objections.

Various people came in to take away belongings. The information was presented that the meeting was cancelled after an hour ?(?).

[Council members left by the back door- in their cars]

There is a follow up for residents interested to understand for themselves. Wednesday 23rd, 5pm at the Turkish Centre, 22 Moorefield Road

The council expected backlash and have been thoroughly briefed on it. They seem unprepared.


Statement from the Council was issued on Twitter- accessible on link below along with various views for those wanting to decide for themselves on what happened/ is happening


You know why the councillors left. Because they were faced with having to answer questions that had not been pre selected at least 8 days in advance. They are obviously uninformed and a bit cowardly if you ask me. It's not like any of them were at any risk of harm. There's a main police depot next door. 

That wasn’t the reason, they had to hit the road early apparently because otherwise they wouldn’t get home in time. 

Yes because of their LTN's :) Have you seen the Tweet from the leader? Apparently, the safety of the members was at risk. Yeah right, like a bunch of middle aged, middle class residents & shopkeepers were going to attack the panel, with pitchforks presumably. They knew they were going to be asked questions that they obviously couldn't answer.  

To be fair, most people are lovely but there is always one or two low empathy Homo Sapiens in the mix  and they can be pretty dangerous fuckers. Who knows what threat was issued by some maligned English Donald Trump character. 

Adding hours of commuting to a whole borough of people is going to seriously vex some people, and some people really really hate being vexed. 

You can end up getting stalked for  gentle piss taking online, god knows what trouble Haringey council councillors get from the unhinged. 



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