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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I know we are awash with Turkish cuisine on the lanes but I thought I’d share a new restaurant called Hanedan. It actually opened in January but had barely traded before lockdown. It’s open again now and we went for the first time tonight as eating out to help out. It was quiet and felt safe and socially distanced. The food was excellent value even without the discount scheme and the staff were attentive and friendly. The extras like bread and salad were excellent as was the generous sharing platter. Highly recommended. Go and give it a try. Worth breaking from your usual favourite to see what you think. 

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Does it do kebabs?

Absolutely- had a takeaway counter and all the usual goodies. 

You mean the place that flaunted planning permission and merged two premises?

What was objectively better than any other Turkish place on Green Lanes, all of which happen to offer an abundance of bread, all their food comes with salad, and yes all of them have the so called shared platters.

Sorry to be down on them and I’m happy you enjoyed your experience but I’m not going to support an establishment which adds to the homogeneity of what’s on offer on Green Lanes by virtue of operating without planning permission. 

I agree. I'm boycotting it too as I'm not supporting a business that actively broke planning permission so the council ended up taking out an injunction. I went past today and it was pretty empty. Encourage everyone on hol to boycott

I had no idea! Goodness. Thanks for the heads up. 

They took an injunction against them? That’s pretty damning. I’m pretty sure that place is on its last leg judging by the fact it’s perpetually empty. There’s plenty of choice and I will always be going to my regular places.  

It's GREEN LANES, Libby, not 'the lanes'.  Albeit it hasn't been very green in recent centuries.



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