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There's someone BLARING rave music out over the gardens in a house behind me. It's really really horrible, I can't even sit in my front room without hearing it. Same person was at it last night too.

It's amazing, every year the gardens are polluted by this person's dance or Euro disco or dance. It's always coming from the same direction.

Can't quite pinpoint the house number but when I do...

Again, one man's music is another man's noise pollution. Please show some consideration and keep the volume down, or shut your windows.

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Call the Noise Patrol

Contact telephone numbers to report a noise

Office Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 8.45am - 5pm, Tel: 020 8489 1000

Outside Office Hours

  • Weekdays, Monday - Friday: 5pm - 3am, Tel: 020 8348 3148.
  • Weekends, Friday 5pm to Monday 5am, Tel: 020 8348 3148.

They will work out where it is coming from and gently point out that not everyone shares those tastes.


I will, but the problem is that you can only hear if from the back, not the front, so am struggling a little to find the house number. If he kicks off again this evening though, I will. I suspect this person has the speakers facing out too. Either that or they have fantastic speakers. The twonk.
You don't need to know which house it is. The noise team will come round to you to assess whether the noise is causing you a nuisance, then they will endeavour to figure out where it's coming from. I see this was several days ago, but I hope you called them - they are brilliant.
I know they will, but the person answering the phone sounds slighly baffled when you can't give an address.. Kicked off again on Sunday night, called them, and then it stopped.. If anyone else is bothered by the cheesy quaver on nearby, please call the Noise team too.



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