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Lost/stray Crying black cat, between Roseberry and Chesterfield Gardens

Towards the top end, behind pizza hut and a little further down.

Seems very friendly, desperately crying for help.

Not acting like a stray....

Will try and get pictures soon.

Pretty sure it’s lost or abandoned, in decent condition

Very distinct cry for help, anyone else in the area heard it?

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I had a look for it but can’t find it. I know there’s a black cat that belongs to one of the restaurants on that stretch so maybe it’s that one? I saw it meowing by the post box before and they told me it was theirs. If it’s that one then it likes attention. I’ll have another look later. 

The cat has been in my back garden and surrounding back gardens for the last couple of days.

Sounds very distressed, not acting like a scared stray. Pretty sure it’s lost.

The cats can usually get into the back gardens via a space behind the pizza hut shop

Will try to take photos, the weather was crazy yesterday.

Hi Mal, dose it have a grey collar. 

Hi Ben

Pretty sure there was no collar, but might be wrong.

Need a closer look

The cat didnt come back today unfortunately, will keep an eye out in the following days.

Will try to get clearer pictures soon, he/she was walking around with a fox in the morning! 

Barbed wire?

Definitely a he. What a monster. Was probably telling the fox which gardens to not even think about pissing in.

Nope, just twigs.

He’s actually quite small, i zoomed in quite a bit on the picture.

Some new pics


More pics

New pics




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