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yesterday we found a healthy-looking ginger cat wandering in some of the houses of the road. It's got long, full, soft fur. It's friendly and was repeatedly trying to go inside the house landing and up to the first floor. My neighbor upstairs has kindly taken it in as it wouldn't leave the house front door.

Please message me privately if you're the owner or know who it could be

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You could put a collar round it's neck with your phone number on a bit of paper wrapped round. He might not be lost but just wandering like lots of cats do . Or his owners may have gone on holiday so he is looking for some company. Esp now it's got colder. Or you could take him to the vet to see if he is microchipped. If he looks well cared for, I would make sure he can get back outside and have the choice to go back home if he wants

Well done for what you are doing. The neighbours cat of my sister, spends all day everyday outside her house, despite having a loving family next door. But he comes for the peace and quiet

Thank you Tigha. Since no one has come forward, the neighbour who has taken it in will indeed go to the vet to see if it's chipped.

Hopefully it is!

Hi Ila, there was a post of a missing long haired ginger cat a few days ago on Nextdoor. Maybe it's this cat? Do you have a picture?



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