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Our female cat Riley has been missing for almost a week. She's a small marble tabby and is very chatty. She likes to explore and usually hangs out around Woodlands Park Road and Cranleigh Road. Please can you check your back gardens and sheds as she might have entered whilst it was cold

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There was a male tabby cat found dead sadly on the corner of Woodlands and Cranleigh on Sunday. Only mentioning as sometimes vets get the gender wrong.

He was taken to the vets apparently but had no chip. Hope it wasn’t Riley though and that she shows up soon.

Do you know what vet they got taken to?  Thanks for info

I’ve asked the lady who posted about it and she is going to check which vets, I’ve sent her the picture of Riley too as apparently the person who found the cat took a photo, she doesn’t think an owner was found. 

Thank you yes anymore info would be greatly appreciated.

Just replied but it doesn’t appear to be showing on this thread.

Just heard back and the person who found the cat has said your picture sadly does look really like the one they found. 

The cat was taken to the village vet in Winchmore Hill. Really hope it isn’t your Riley, fingers crossed.



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