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Our Miskey has not been home for nearly 2 days now, which is very unusual for him.  He is free to come and go as he pleases, and has many 'friends' locally so I am hoping that he has found a warm spot for the night.

Please do let me know if you see him around, he does not wear a collar, is on the small side (4kg), and is very inquisitive.  


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Hello, any news on your cat? Have you tried the Crouch End Cat Appreciation Page on Facebook? It covers all of N8 so they may have some information. Best of luck

Hi Tessa, thanks for the message! Unfortunately no further news on Miskey but we've let ~50 odd immediate neighbours know so they can be on the lookout for him.  I had no idea about the Crouch End Cat Appreciation Society so I will post something on there now, thank you!

Hi just a follow up on this, Miskey has still not come home but many neighbours are now on the lookout.

Since he went missing, we had another cat turn up in the front who looks remarkably similar and I just wondered if anyone knew who he belonged to?  It's such a coincidence, and we've even started to think someone has got the wrong cat! I know.. desperate times.. but still it would be good to find out who owned this cat, thank you for any info you might have.  




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