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Ginge is a very popular, affectionate and trusting cat in our neighbourhood known and loved by everyone. We haven't seen him around for a week now and we are beyond heartbroken, our neighborhood just wouldn't be the same without him. A few neighbours chipped in for a £200 reward for the finder who can return him safely. Please share this post with anyone who lives in the area and beyond, he is missing from the Rathcoole Gardens/Harvey Road/Rathcoole Avenue area in Hornsey / Crouch End / Haringey. We need to know that he's safe. Already posted on Twitter, Streetlife, AnimalSearch. Please share.

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I think it might be your Ginge that i just saw when leaving the back of Sainsburys tonight, Finsbury Park Av N4. i was surprised to see him as had never seen before. i was admiring him as he wandered around. Good luck with reuniting.

Are you sure Geraldine? Can you say precisely? On our way over to look for him.

That's a long way away from where he went missing, for a cat I mean. And with lots of 'barriers' the railway, the park, Green Lanes.... Cats don't tend to just keep going, I would be surprised f it were him but fingers crossed for you.

Have you tried putting his blanket or litterbox outside? Or a bit of the contents of your Hoover bag? He should be able to sniff his way home if he is nearby.

We spent an hour looking there but no luck. Plenty of foxes though and a resident who said there's a ginger and white tom in the area but has lived there for a long time. Thanks for the suggestion Lauren, have just emptied my vaccuum cleaner bags around the area. If anyone finds him, please do try to catch him. The reward isn't a joke :o)

Will keep a lookout, what a lovely cat. Well done for microchipping and neutering him, if only everyone were so sensible.
Remember to call the microchip company, tell them he is missing and check that they have your correct contact details.
Flyers are useful, including roads with gardens backing on to your garden.

I have flagged him up to Stokey Cats and Dogs as they are good at helping with lost and found pets. There are useful tips on their website
You probably do this anyway, so this is just general advice from animal rescue charities to other cat owners out there - they recommend that cats have a catflap and they advise locking the catflap at night so that cats are safe inside at night as it reduces the risk of them getting lost.

This ginger and white cat has been reported as found - described as having a sore nose and female, but sometimes people make an error in description.

Thanks Justine.

The cat found on Lancaster road does look similar to Ginge, but a bit more of a rounded face around the eyes. If found on 19th also probably not him as we saw Ginge on 19th, 20th, 21st. Strangely, there is a cat that is almost a twin of Ginge just down the road, but with a polar opposite temperament and yellow eyes. I can't tell what this cat's eye colour is. Also, their fur is a bit more strawberry blonde than Ginge, who is very much ginger and white.

Thank you so much for contacting us :o)

Is this cat very friendly? Ginge is a real cheeky chappy.

The person who found the cat describes it as very friendly.

Ginge found! Hiding in a bush in Tottenham, nearly 3 miles away...! Goodness knows how he got so far away but he's back from his travels now all safe and sound.

Ah now that IS great news! I wonder how he got so far?! I've heard tales of cats crawling up under the bonnet and going to sleep on a warm engine of a parked car then being driven off as they don't wake up, maybe that's what happened? Or maybe he nipped over on the W3? At least he is back now.

It's great to hear that he's home safe.



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