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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!


Wondering if anyone is missing this cat? He looks beautiful and like a bengal cross.

He's been outside day before yesterday and my cat was not impressed. Feel bad as he keeps calling loudly and is so sweet. 

Just trying to find out if he has a home as he turned up again last night and is back in the rain this morning. 



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If you can put a cheap collar round the cat with a note with your details on, asking the owner to call you. Has worked for me a couple of times

I sent you a connection request. Did you find an owner? Pretty sure I've seen the same tabby & white cat - cute, but roams outside a lot in all weather and cries. Extra problem is he's not neutered - needs neutering fast! He's attacked our cat twice - nasty injuries and vet fees and I'm worried that it's likely to happen again. Right now my cat has to stay inside for a week recovering. Feel sorry for the tabby as he's probably got injuries too and it's not his fault that no-one has neutered him yet. Also seen him attack other cats. He needs scanning to see if microchipped and he needs to be neutered. Hope you can help him. I've tried, but I haven't got close enough.



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