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Saw this cat earlier by the passage on Allison Road  followed me to Beresford . Could be lost. 

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I believe this cat is from Beresford Rd . He was left by his owner who moved . There was people feeding him about two months ago. 

That's really sad. The cat didn't look in good condition. 

I'm a local catsitter and have noticed this lovely friendly cat when doing my rounds on Beresford rd. After making some enquiries I discovered his name is Toby. Apparently his owner died and he has been left to fend for himself and rely on the generosity of people on Beresford Rd feeding him and I myself feed him when I can but I am not always around. I was trying to find out more to decide what to do and was told recently that Toby's deceased owner's daughter took him away but he was not happy so she returned him to Beresford Rd to fend for himself because he is used to being on the street and won't stay indoors. My source said that the daughter told her that he has people feeding him and several people let him in but I don't know if that's true judging by how thin he is. This situation is far from ideal so I wonder if anyone can take him in? He really needs some TLC as he is looking very skinny in these photos, he is such a lovely, handsome boy and he deserves better.

Poor cat. I've messaged Stokey Cats & Dogs and they have offered to help by providing a temporary foster home until a permanent home is found. Stokey say please contact them by email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

Hi Justine,

I've been told by someone that the people who are feeding him don't want him to be taken away. I don't really know what to do because his welfare should come first but it seems there are a lot of people on Beresford who love Toby.

Hi everybody,

Toby is not an abandoned “stray cat“ and I don’t think he should be removed from his home

Toby has lived on Beresford  road for the 5 years that I have lived here. He is a much loved member of our community. 
He always spent all his time outside in the road meeting and greeting everybody that passes. He is a wily old “street cat”

His owner sadly passed away several months ago. I have spoken to the owners daughter and they took him away to live in another property and he was very distressed so they returned him. 

We have just been to our neighbours at 8pm tonight 11th Dec who confirmed that he is sleeping at their house through the nights and is free to wander in the day. He was asleep in their warm basement when we visited. He is being fed  by them as well as other residents. It was confirmed that he is being taken indoors through the cold weather at night  

it is lovely that people care about cats but not visiting the road to speak with residents and simply calling to get an animal taken away is misguided. 

what will happen to him at a shelter? Would he be euthanised? Yes I know some  say no “healthy” animals get put to sleep but “healthy” is open to interpretation. 

yes he is a thin cat. Cats get thinner as they get older his daughter has said he is over 12 years old and he was not a young cat when I moved 5 years ago

I understand that people are concerned for Toby and he is a worry spending a lot of his time out on the street with all the cars, foxes, random people and weather etc etc however this is how he has always lived since I moved here. His owner did not have a cat flap and as such Toby was always out and about. 

Thanks for the last contribution. We have cared for him since his owner died. He is fed as much as he wants & favours biscuits. He is allowed in as he wishes but otherwise continues his habitual itinerant existence. We don't like him wandering the streets because of the traffic but that's been his choice over the years & it suits him.

I'm glad to hear he's being so well looked after.



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