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Has anyone had a recent experience with Lordship Windows?

We need to have two uPVC windows replaced. I got quotes from three companies (Lordship Windows, Towns-End Double Glazing and Arkay Windows). I was leaning towards Lordship, but all of their online reviews look fake.

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Did you try Ames Glass? The owner used to be the landlord of the Garden Ladder - forerunner to Brouhaha. He lives in Hornsey.

I haven't, but will try them now. Thanks!

I had mine done by Lordship Windows. They were fine. A LOT cheaper than Anglian.

I've had two lots of double glazing done by Lordship (first back, then front, of the house). They've been great both times. The back windows also stood up to an attempted break in so I'd recommend them. 

We had ours done by Ames Glass and I'd happily recommend them.

I had two windows replaced by Ames Glass. Very pleased. I did contact Lordship but they weren't very interested

Thanks for the quick replies. I've called Ames Glass. They're sending someone to give us a quote next week.

I think that Lordship would probably do a fine job, but I find the fake reviews really off-putting.

I have been pleasantly surprised that none of the people who've come around so far have tried to sell us a new window when we can just replace the glass.

We've used Lordship Windows a few times and been very happy with them.
I got a quote from two companies and went with Ames glass as they had done the flat downstairs and were cheaper. I wish I hadn't. They kept messing me around after I had paid my deposit (in Sept) and were putting off confirming a date it took them two months to tell me the windows would come in Nov. I was pregnant and due in Jan so really felt I was cutting it fine as we couldn't do anything in the nursery before we got the windows. Early Nov I just received a cheque in the post with my deposit back saying their supplier had let them down so they couldn't do them after all. I then had to scrabble around to find someone to squeeze it in before Christmas. Very bad customer service and they had no manners each time I called. I wouldn't use them.
I used Bill and Catherine at http://www.williams-windows.co.uk. They aren't local but were so fantastic and now have great windows and a warm baby! Worth calling if you don't go with Lordship.
I had some repairs done by Lordship and am happy with their work.
I used Lordship Windows and their work was dreadful and they were impossible to negotiate with when I wasn't happy with what they did. I would never recommend them.



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