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My 3 yr old niece is coming to UK from Australia in November and I'm looking to borrow (or buy - cheaply) a group 1 car seat that can be used with seat belt. 


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I'm in Seven Sisters, have one that will probably do, it hooks into the rear seat belt.  pm me if useful.


Hi Pam. Is the car seat still available? I will need it for 2 weeks from next weekend. My number is 07736 432517. Many thanks. Louise
In case the above didn't work out for any reason I have one you can borrow in harringay next to harringay rail station.
I'm waiting to hear back from the other offer so will let you know if I need to borrow your seat. Thanks

You can still have mine but is the Harringay one more local to you?  Pam

would it still be possible to borrow the car seat? Let me know by message or call on 07736 432517

Many thanks, Louise



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