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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

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What a view! 

I can't quite get my bearings though, where is this taken from?

I think it's taken from a drone. The building at the bottom of the pic is Hornsey Town Hall.

Ah, so that's what HTH means? Thanks! I wish people wouldn't write in code ;) - they know what they mean & assume others will! Hah!

I don't like the use of abbreviations either. I have commented on this in the past.

I used to think LOL meant 'lots of love'! Ha ha!


At the top of this website you will see the logo for Hornsey Town Hall, that is how it describes its self. 

:) I'm on this website currently. I wouldn't necessarily know which logo referred to what.
The logic of the matter is that I can't know which website to go to find out what an abbreviation means; I'd have to know what it means first.

In online message abbreviations, HTH means 'hope that helps'

People are free to use whatever abbreviations you like, but there may be people like me who may ask what they stand for. It's only natural to want to know & at least I could be bothered. :)

Thanks John!



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