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Could anyone recommend a good handyman who could alter a loft door and fit a ladder for us? It turns out to be a bit beyond our DIY capabilities.

We currently have a loft with a sliding door. We have a loft ladder but to fit it, the door must be changed to a hinge-down one. This will require cutting the existing door to fit, attaching hinges and handle, attaching ladder to joists (or supplying and screwing to piece of tough ply and screwing that to joists) in loft.

The tradesman will need their own ladder - we have a stepladder but it doesn't reach fully.

If there is anyone local that could do this kind of thing for a reasonable cost, let me know. It's not a big job, just a bit fiddly when you have a small child crawling round trying to "assist" so better done by someone competent!

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