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I am trying to support a young woman who has come out of the care system. She has been allocated a flat in Crouch End but it is totally empty and needs decorating. As she is on a tight budget she's looking for someone to do a basic paint job and paint all the rooms white. The surfaces are in reasonable condition so don't need much preparation. There is living room , bedroom , kitchen and bathroom. 

The floors are bare and need sanding down and possibly painting. She can borrow a sander.

There are also a few small jobs such as fixing a rail in the bathroom and fixing blinds at the windows. 

If anyone knows of someone who could carry out the work at a reasonable price please could you get in touch.

Thank you

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Jamol 07404523870 is the guy who I get to this kind of work. I have known him for the last 10 years and he is reliable and honest.

Thank you for your  reply.

I will give him a call.


Jamol - came and saw my property, quoted and then on the day gave me 1 hours notice to say he was not coming becasue he didnt want to!!!

He also refused to guarentte his work for any time period.


Thanks for your advice, sorry you had a bad experience.

I have already used Jamol for the work and  although I feel he didn't know enough about materials and wasn't an expert he did do a good job. He worked many extra hours and refused extra payment and seemed to be a really nice person.



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