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Does anyone have a wallpaper pasting table or longish trestle table that I could borrow?  I need this for a car boot sale soon when I am hoping to dispose of all my stuff!


Many thanks

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Hi Helen,

I have a wallpaper pasting table you're welcome to.  Am on Hampden Rd.


Hi James - wow thatks for your really speedy response!

If you could email me with your number we can have a chat and make an arrangement.

Do you think that your table would fit (folded up!) in the back of a hatchback Fiesta?

Thanks so much



Hi Helen,

Sorry for the delay.

My number is 07941 807 508.   Call me tomorrow and we can arrange.

I'm in tomorrow night if that suits?  

Tomorrow night would be great - I'll call you early evening.


Many thanks!




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