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We're selling and need a conveyancer. So far everyone I've contacted have come back with astronomical quotes. Recommendations please!

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Try Tyrer Roxburgh on the High Rd near Turnpike Lane - haven't used them in years but were always reliable.

Thank you so much Michele. We've just had initial letters from one solicitor but they've got so many things wrong just on the most basic of paperwork it's worrying me so looking else where.

Stephen pays a great attention to detail and is a really nice guy. He did my convenyancing last year. Recommended him.

Thank you Lu. I've dropped him an email.

I've used Kevin Tarpey of Streathers twice for coveyancing and found him to be excellent, responsive and no surprises regarding billing (on the second occasion, the fixed quote was not exceeded despite few curveballs during the purchase process) - details here https://www.streathers.co.uk/site/people/profile/kevin.tarpey 



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