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Hey everyone! This might be a long shot but im looking for a kitten or a young cat! I have a 3 month old kitten myself and I think itd be good for him to have a playmate since hes super playful. Im posting this here because Im hoping to find a cat in Harringay instead of having to travel far for one.

I dont mind a girl or a boy or breed really. I just need a healthy kitten who's preferably been checked by the vet, and if possible a kitten 8 weeks or older, up to a year or two :)

Please message me if you want to rehome a kitten!

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Absolutely get one from a shelter and not from some random seller!

I smell a rat. Do not answer this post. If anyone wants a young cat, the best course of action is a rescue centre. 

excuse you? a rat? You realise rescue centres are currently receiving a lot of requests for young animals right? Did you maybe stop to think ive already inquired? Please.



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