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Looking for a kind, trustworthy cleaner for decluttering and cleaning

A close friend (also in Haringey) needs a kind, understanding and trustworthy cleaner/declutterer to help with her studio flat at the end of next week or the week after. The place has been neglected due to her long-term poor health and absent landlord. There's a lot of clutter as well as mould and bugs to contend with. I've heard there are wonderful people out there who will help with this type of thing, hopefully without it costing a fortune as she lives on a low income. She is really struggling and I think someone who has experience with this kind of project would be a massive help. Here's hoping. X

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Probably not possible now London High risk 

It can be ventilated and my friend is very careful re. wearing a mask, keeping a distance and sanitising often. This is a tough time and we all need to be extremely careful. I wouldn't post this if it wasn't for the fact that I'm very, very concerned about her mental health if she continues to live in the conditions she's in. I contacted social services and the local council a couple of months ago but they were not able to offer any support.

I am still looking for paid help for my friend. She would wear a mask, maintain a distance, have the windows open and sanitise her hands often. Also, she rarely goes out and is extremely careful. Here's hoping.



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