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Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying this sunny weather!

We're actively looking to buy a house in the area. We've been searching through the usually channels but haven't been able to find anything so thought I'd try HOL.

Ideally, we would like:

3+ bedrooms, South or West facing garden (good size), extended already or with scope to extend. Not asking for much I know! We've sold our flat and are completing at the end of September so are in a good position to buy.

We're pretty flexible but our favourite roads are all the ones between Raleigh Road & Duckett Road on the ladder. All the roads in the gardens and also Langham Road, Carlingford Road, Brampton Road, Glenwood Road, Harringay Road, Stanmore Road and Waldeck Road.

A long shot I know, but if anyone is thinking about selling their house (or knows someone that might be), please do get in touch.

Many thanks

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Remember there are on-costs to auction properties after the hammer price... just saying! Why not wait for the end of furlough fernanigans? and see if the market settles somewhat? Most people here like to stay in this area until their chillun reach secondary age, then "migrate" to Palmers Green / Enfield.... wouldn't know why ..... just a trend I noticed in the past 16 or so years.

Hi Duguneek, we have to be out of our property by the end of September as our buyers want to move then. They've been very good and also very patient. By the end of September they would've been waiting just over 6 months so I don't blame them for wanting us out asap. We did find somewhere but it all fell through so back to square one again.

Hi Michael, Yes I saw this on Rightmove and will take a look at the virtual tour. I think you have to sign up first so i'll look into it. Thanks.

Great location - backs on to canal as well - this could be an amazing house



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