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Hi all,

We're looking for a handyman to put up some shelves, wall-mount a tv, some painting and a few other odd jobs in our flat in Highgate.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

Many thanks,


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Hi Dominic, 

Jamol 074 0452 3870 is the guy who I get to this kind of work. I have known him for the last 10 years and he is reliable and honest.


Thanks, Con, we’ll give him a try. 

This builder came looked at the work - quoted and then on the day didnt show up!!! He whatsapped me with 1 hours notice saying he has changed his mind!!!

On top of this is would not guarentte his work!

Very fustrating as I do not live in the property and it is empty. very disruptive

Hi D,

He isn't a builder, just a man with a few skills trying to get by. Maybe you should have hired a builder.


He did the same to me. I had bought material and hired equipment. Money lost. Completely unreliable.

Hi Dominic please contact me on 07871432282 to discuss the details. 

Kind regards Patrick.



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