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Hi there,

We're lucky enough to have a very long garden, with an extra bit of land at the end. We are planning to install some fake grass (from Easigrass) as our dogs have turned the *lawn* into pure, churned up mud. No joke, our world is all mud these days, house is impossible to keep clean.

Whilst planning the fake grass, we've realised we could do with improving the layout generally as well as needing some clearance and levelling work done and maybe some paving etc.

So we are currently looking for a professional landscape designer who can help with those things, as well as offer some interesting ideas.  We are so sick of the modern look with everything looking the same from house to house, so we would want a garden more reflecting our period house, maybe with some formal, decorative elements. Cottage garden etc.

If anyone can recommend a landscaper they've actually used and had good success with, please feel free to drop a note below! Photos even better!!

Thank you!

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Nathalie Puget is an excellent garden designer. As well as her private practice she teaches at Capel Manor.


Thank you so much, this lady sounds very interesting and refreshingly different to all the others i've come across thus far.  I will be sure to include her in our enquiries. 

As an update, we spoke to Nathalie and sounds very clever with soft landscaping and design, but does not do any groundwork or the hard stuff like paving, fencing, levelling, clearance. So we will keep looking!

I had a great experience with HOS Landscapes -- absolutely delightful team of people. They do both the design and all the hard landscaping (and even maintenance after). 

Instagram: @hoslandscapes

Oh super thanks Jay, looks like a great team and body of work! Will definitely give them a bell.



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