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Are there any Copy Writers in the area?

I am looking for one to help word a petition anout NHS Improvement.

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Mr Wodjacallim,

Hello, I'm a copywriter/editor - do let me know how I can help.


Eddie Mitchell

Hi thanks for replying. Have sent friend request so I can communicate more directly. 

I am aiming for two petitions against the NHS, one to deal with my own crap situation featuring conniving bureaucrats and inept doctors. Something along these lines  .... if my GP and hospital had monitored my blood pressure on a track and trace basis, I would have had an earlier diagnosis. Also the NHS would not have wasted about £40K on lumbar MRIs and medical merry go round. (And there are a lot more issues than that ...)

Meanwhile, the local hospital Chief Executives and NHS Commissioning Services are doing their level best to cover their tracks and convince all concerned they are as white as snow. ( In reality, the NHS is a bit of a Chumocracy...)

So I have decided to do something about this with a second petition for an NHS transformation ... calling for a change of culture, change of IT systems, improved governance, patient empowerment via democratisation of a service run by Downing Street stooges as Marina Hyde would say ....

This job needs a bit of planning, starting with agreeing a viable approach. And nothing comes for free. It is likely I would need copywriting on a web site too.

I am just about to invest in a Domain Name and get a brand so I have invested a bit. I will probably need to raise cash for building a Wordpress web site and paying a copy writer.  Some might have to to come from my pocket and crowd funding. 


I sent you a DM to your inbox with my email address - If you can't see it let me know and we'll work out another way.

Certainly curious to speak more in-depth on the topic to see what it is we can achieve within a reasonable timeframe/budget for you.

How much would you pay ?

Dunno up for negotiation etc  ...

I might have to raise funds if copy writing costs an arm and a leg. I know it wont be cheap

Will be in touch to discuss scope from cheapest possible kick off option which might be all can afford to full professional option which might need some fund raising.

I wonder if I should be the one paying for something that benefits everyone else.   ;o(

Sorry. The above doesn't sound like something with which I would want to be associated..

Thought that might be the case.  ;o)

Worth a try though...

The right person for the job could be worth thousands or millions if I can afford to to pay more than the NHS does on propaganda. 



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