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Not sure why the sudden outpouring of affection in the media but it's nice that there are some good news stories about our village.   I'm not an estate agent - honest guv.

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"It feels like being on holiday"

LOOOL! Where do they go on holiday? Kabul?

I reckon the developers of the new flats on Green Lanes are doing some serious PR work and are behind all this sudden upsurge of coverage for our neighbourhood. 

The developers should get those groups of drug users who roam the local streets defecating in public and smoking crack in front gardens to hand out promotional flyers. Those guys cover a lot of ground (in many ways).

Nothing like a bit of housing-bubble spin to drive up the prices in all the remaining corners of London - The London property market has still got plenty spare capacity for absorbing capital...

Green Lanes has improved no end over the past few years.  I really like walking down it to check out all the lovely food places and shops.  

It has improved a bit but is still one of the most dysfunctional areas i have ever experienced. Choked with car and charcoal pollution, litter, flytips, druggies, HMOs, speeding cars, delapidated architecture, forests of sat dishes, the list goes on.

Hmmm - I'm sure with a bit of work I could compile a list of around 10,000 worse areas in the UK...



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