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We are looking to convert our loft to add an extra room and bathroom imminently.
Can anyone reccomended a really good and trustworthy company or builder?.

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We haven't managed to convert our loft but we had a quote from (and will eventually use) Roof Top Rooms (www.rooftoprooms.co.uk) who were recommended by a few friends who have lovely loft conversions.

I also know lots of local people have very happily used Pat, Another Level (http://www.loft-conversion-specialist.co.uk).

I can also recommend Rooftop rooms they have just done a fantastic job converting my loft
Hi Julie and Simon,
Thanks for those recommendations. I will definitely give rooftop rooms a ring on Monday! I looks at their website and their gallery looks great.
I have already been in touch with Another Level. I also know a couple of people who used them and I saw one which was great. Pet sent me a quote but has been completely elusive and non responsive since so I can't hire them! Hopefully I'll have better luck with Rooftop rooms so thanks again!
Hi Doug,
I've had a look at their website and will be calling them too! Thanks for the recommendation :-)
If it helps at all Marc and these guys did my mums loft conversion they were great. Always on time, cleared up, talked them through the whole thing - I'd definitely recommend them.
Hi Sally,
Wow, I love the spaces these guys create! It's just the sort of feel we would like and I love the traditional touches.. The skirting and built in cupboards. Very nice, Thank you!
Marc from H&E called mum yesterday. They have tried to contact you but can't get an email to you, He's asked if you can give them a call on 01279 654716. They're really great guys, no pressure.

Hello Sonia

I believe you tried to contact us today by email. Unfortunately we are having trouble responding to your email address. Could you please send your number to us or call us on 01279654716.



Herts and Essex Lofts 

I can highly recommend Another Level lofts who are quick and effficient. Finished our loft in about 7 weeks.They have converted a number of lofts in Woodlands Park, Cranleigh rd and elsewhere. Very tidy, with minimal disruption, too. Converters have been very happy to let you in to look at their work. Details online or Pat on: 07966136996
Hi Granny P, I will try to find Pat again! I've had someone else recommend him too. Thank you!

Hi, we used Bracken Lofts, a small company (2 brothers) who we can totally recommend.  Very professional, hard working, and tidy, and they did a fantastic job, particularly on the staircase, which looks as if it has always been part of our house (well it would, if we'd got round to carpeting it!)  You're welcome to come and see our conversion if you like (we're in Tancred Road). 


Hi Carrie,
I will look into these guys too and thanks so much for the offer of viewing your loft. I may well take you up on it once I've spoken to them!



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