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Hi, I have plans drawn up for and want to do a loft conversion on my house in the N4 area, starting the work very soon.

Does anyone on here have any recommendations for some good builders (good at structural work and internal fit outs)?

I don't really need an 'all in one' loft conversion company as I have the plans already, but do need a first class builder.

Has anyone used Sunshine Lofts (I see their van and signs around the area quite a bit)?

Any recommendations appreciated.


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i used pat at another level lofts with good outcomes. very efficient and a good price 

Thanks George, will give them a  call.

Has anyone on here used Sunshine Lofts?

Dan James are outstanding. You'll find them recommended repeatedly on HOL (and see their vans around all over N8). As a measure of just how good, I just called them 11 months after they finished about some minor snagging (cosmetic cracks etc.). They called me straight back, came out to visit a couple of days later and have fixed up to come and repair shortly. 

Just out of curiosity, how much would you expect to pay roughly for a loft conversion with a dorm and small bathroom? 

Will give Dan James a call as well.

Good question on the loft conversion - I'm not sure what to expect really. If anyone has experience and guidance on what to expect for costs or a dormer conversion with bathroom etc, that would be great. 

Depending on size, complexity, specification etc. probably 30k upwards. But that will only get you to a basic plaster finish - you need to allow for bathroom fittings, tiling, painting, decorating, curtains, fitted furniture etc. Definitely get at least 3 quote to compare and contrast.

Thank you! 

We're about to go with Dan James - it;d be really good to hear details about the work and recommendations. Did they finish on time? Come in on original quote? 

Hi Rezina,

I wondered if you went with Dan James in the end? Would be great to hear your feedback if you did.

Many thanks, Seema 

Hi, yes we did. They were fantastic and came in on time and on budget with no probs. Very pleased and would highly recommend.

Fab! Thanks for the feedback

Hi, How did Dan James work out or did you go with someone else. We are looking for a builder for a big job and any comments would be really useful. Thanks, Liesbeth



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