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Has anyone had a loft conversion done on a standard two-storey terraced house in the past year or so? I'm trying to assess the likely cost.

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Hi Ruth - the cost for a dormer conversion with 2 rooms and a bathroom (ie. Replicating the 1st floor footprint on a 3 bedroom terrrace) seems to be about £45k + vat for the building plus whatever you want to spend on internal tiling, bathroom furniture, painting, lighting and carpet. Also allow a few thousand for party wall agreement nonsense. That can add up if your neighbours have concerns.

Thanks, that's really helpful.

Ozbawn -- Don't dismiss party wall agreements as "nonsense"; they're essential as an important way to establish exactly what you and your neighbours are agreeing to and a guideline for good practice and neighbourly relations. I've had good experiences on the receiving end with neighbours on one side but a horrendous experience with those on the other side, which resulted in compulsory legal input from surveyors and an expensive (for them) party wall award because of their continuous bad behaviour. An agreement covers things such as access, position of scaffolding, protection for neighbouring properties and permission (or otherwise) to go on to a neighbour's land for building purposes. If it's all clearly set out at the start of building works it's a worthwhile investment because it can save a whole lot of angst and upset on both sides; and, after all, if it's you doing the conversion, you probably want to continue living next to your neighbours afterwards, which won't be easy if you're in a continuing row about the contractors' behaviour.

Don - yes, I do know that.

We had ours done 3yrs back. L shaped conversion. Massive bedroom and large bathroom. £40k quote with Rooftop Rooms and Dan James. Extras brought it up to £56k and that was with getting in our own much cheaper tiler/flooring company/doing the decorating ourselves/etc. 
Dan James have a very open and honest Facebook page with daily updates of their work and options to comment. Rooftop Rooms do not. And there’s a good reason why. If you decide to get in done, save yourselves a nightmare and go with Dan James. 



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